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Flying Ducks Embroidered With Silk Threads

Flying Ducks Embroidery

Flying Ducks Embroidered With Silk Threads

With the help of our talented craftsmen or women workers we are able to manufacturer Flying Ducks Embroidered  , supply, wholesale, exports our out range of Elegant Carpets. These finely crafted works of art are made from high quality fibers that are carefully handmade to creat unique and magnificient pieces of creations. We use various combinations of colorful threads and patterns that show the amazing authentic influence of Indian culture .These gives

Flying Ducks Embroidered the Elegant and stylish appears that are have timeless appeal.. Our Handicraft wall hanging are available at very reasonable range of prices.
This piece shows the Flying Ducks with beautifully embroidery with the Silk Thr

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eads . Looks very amazing.

Features Of Flying Ducks Piece:
Brilliant Use Of Colourful Silk Threads
Crack Resistance
Long Lasting Lusture
Design Unique
If you ever interested to buy this piece or something like that with different design or with different Silk threads . So you can contact us :

Call us – +919760877078

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