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Antique Jewel Embroidery Carpets with Golden Work and Semi Precious Stones

Antique Jewel Embroidery Carpets

Antique Jewel Embroidery Carpets with Golden Work and Semi Precious Stones

This Antique Jewel Embroidery Carpets made for specially royal people they used this piece as a decorative material and as a wall hangings.

Antique Jewel Embroidery  Carpets With Golden Work
They usually like old designs ,custom which is used in Mughal Periods as they want exactly same designs which is  used in Mughals Reign.
We are one of the illustrious manufacturers ,suppliers and exporters of Jewel Embroidery Carpets in the market . Our Hand Embroidered Antique Jewel Embroidery Carpets are available in a variety of designs and at the most affordable price range. We are using the optimum quality of raw material in the manufacturing of Hand Embroidered Jewel Carpets. Besides this, we have a highly skilled workers which works hard ..
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Antique Jewel Embroidery Carpets

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Zardozi originated from Persian word Zar {Gold} ,and Dozi {Embroidery} . Zardozi Embroidery craftsmanship originated from India,Iran , Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In the 17 Century Zardozi Embroidery went under the support of Mughal Emperor Akbar, and came to decay under the run of Aurangzeb. Zardozi Embroidery workmanship has been known in India since the season of the Rig Veda. It thrived amid the imperial support of Mughal Emperor Akbar, yet amid the industrialization came to decay.

Gem Carpets is otherwise called Zardozi Embroidery.

These days Zardozi Embroidery Art is famous in such Indian urban areas as Farukhabad, Lukhnow, Bhopal and Chennai.

In 2013 the Lukhnow Zardozi has affirmed its genuineness as the world renowed material weaving recorded by Geographical Indication Registry.

Zardozi Embroidery is an intricate craft of multi – dimensional weaving utilizing gold and silver strings and studded with diamonds, and semi valuable stones. This type of Embroidery was additionally used to adorn substantial coats, pad covers, draperies, creatures trappings, and overhangs.

Round Jewel Carpets Round Jewel Carpets

Zardozi Embroidery is a standout amongst the most old types of crafted works weaving that have been decorating the clothing types of the royals in India with lovely weaving for a very long time!

The specialty of Zardozi have been thrived from the medieval times.,under the support of Mughal Akbar. It was utilized to beautify dividers of the imperial lord Mahal, casings, inside decorations and the stuff of majestic elephants and stallions. This weaving works make many expand plans , utilizing gold , copper and silver strings. The studded pearls , jewels valuable stones was utilized as a part of the craft of Zardozi Embroidery . These days specialists utilized copper and silk strings rather than gold wire and copper wire.

There was one of the well known experts of Zardozi from Agra was Sheik Shamsuddin. He received the craft of Zardozi from his dad Late Habib Buksh.The weaved pieces by Sheik Shamsuddinn are the heaviest cunning weaving on the planet. Each measuring more than two hundred pounds. He utilized a great many pearls in his fine arts. Another ”CHESS”made with a large number of stones and thirty years of diligent work by the capable bosses Sheik Shamsuddin.

Around then one of the Sheik from Saudi Arabia offered him to offer his weaving bt Sheik Shamsuddin did not offer the work, since he realized that he was not ready to make anything superior to that. The specialty of Sheik Shamsuddin is one of themost costly weaving on the planet. Crafted by Sheik Shamsuddin are the heaviest specimen of weaving expertise . For which he granted commonly. Sheik Shamsuddin was conceived on September 7, 1917 in Agra. Sheik Shamsuddin began 3 D Embroidery yet sadly he passed away, yet his child and the understudies of Shamsuddin proceed with his work. His fine arts are currently shown in the Jewelry Store Kohinoor private Gallery in Agra.

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