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The New Designs Of Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets

Tiger Embroidered Carpets

The New Designs Of Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets

 Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets Are made with efficient gems stones, half gems and semi-precious stones , made by expert craftsmen

We are manufacturer & supplier of new designs of Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpet s. These two multi colors designs of Embroidered Tiger looks amazing . We are offering the best quality of Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets. Our Quality is top quality. We manufacture the goods with the help of raw materials .

Design Of Tiger Embroidered Carpet                                     Tiger Embroidered Carpets
In these Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets.  Designs we use the Silk Threads of many colors. The use of multi coloured silk threads is amazing .


If you wanna buy these carpets . So as I  asssured you that I offered you the best price of these carpets.

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Zardozi Embroidery is an elaborate art of multi -dimensional embroidery. Using gold and silver threads and studded with gems, and semi precious stones. This form of Embroidery  also used to embellish heavy coats, cushion covers, curtains, animals trappings, and canopies.


Zardozi Embroidery

Zardozi Embroidery is one of the most ancient forms of handicrafts embroidery, that have been adorning the attires of the royals in India with beautiful embroidery for ages!
The art of Zardozi has  flourished from the medieval times.,under the patronage of Mughal Akbar. It is use to decorate walls of the royal king Mahal, scabbards, wall hangings and the paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses. This embroidery works make many elaborate designs like Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets  , using gold , copper and silver threads. The studded pearls , gems precious stones is use in the art of Zardozi Embroidery . Nowadays craftsmen used to copper and silk threads instead of gold wire and copper wire.

There was one of the famous masters of Zardozi from Agra was Sheikh Shamsuddin. He adopted the art of Zardozi from his father Late Habib Buksh.The embroidered pieces by Sheikh Shamsuddinn are the heaviest artful embroidery in the world. Each weigs more than two hundred pounds. He used thousands of gems in his artworks. Another ”CHESS”made with thousands of stones and thirty years of hard work by the talented masters Sheikh Shamsuddin.                                              Tiger Zari Embroidered Carpets

At that time one of the Sheikh from Saudi Arabia offered him to sell his embroidery but Sheikh Shamsuddin did not sell the work, as  he knew that he was not able to create anything better than that. The art of Sheikh Shamsuddin is is one of the most expensive embroidery in the world. The work of Sheikh Shamsuddin are the heaviest sample of embroidery skill . For which he awarded many times. Sheikh Shamsuddin was born on September 7, 1917 in Agra. Sheikh Shamsuddin started 3 D Embroidery  unfortunately he passed away,  his son and the students of Shamsuddin continue his work. His artworks are now display in the Jewelery Store Kohinoor private Gallery in Agra.

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